Other Astronomy sites of interest

Although this site has a USA bias, it does have many interesting links to sites of astronomical interest.

Astronomy Now
The UK’s leading magazine for amateur astronomers.

Ballater Skies Observatory
A private website with some interesting images

BBC Science & Nature – Space
Another site with much to interest the astronomer

BBC – Sky at Night
Direct Link to Sky at Night page

Bolton Group
A very interesting site dealing with the manufacture of some very interesting telescopes, including “binocular newtonians”! Well worth a look.

British Astronomical Association
Formed in 1890, the British Astronomical Association has an international reputation for the quality of its observational and scientific work. Membership is open to all persons interested in astronomy.

Chandra Sky Map and other images and info

Computer Simulations
Computer simulations of star formations from various start points.

European Southern Observatory
A very comprehensive site covering the workings of the joint project. Well worth a look. In particular the images from the VLT are stunning – click here to go directly to this page.

Faulkes Project
The project for schools and educational purposes.

Federation of Astronomical Societies
Formed in 1974, the FAS was conceived as a sort of union of astronomical societies, groups, and individuals, liaising together, where practicable, for their mutual benefit.

Jodrell Bank
The Jodrell Bank internet observatory

Go Stargazing
Find Public Stargazing Events near you

Light Pollution
An interesting Italian site with numerous maps and details regarding world light pollution problems

A site with an enormous amount of information and photographs detailing the moon.

The home site for NASA – links to the space missions and numerous wonderful photographs.

NASA Astronomy picture of the day

New Scientist
The New Scientist – breaking news of astronomy discoveries

Night Sky Info
An interesting site maintained by Emil Neata, an amateur astronomer based in south west Romania. Includes a comprehensive links page with more ‘astronomical sites’.

Planetary Society
The specialist society for those interested in the Planets.

Practical Astronomer
A magazine devoted to the more practical aspects of amateur astronomy

The Royal Society
Visit the events diary of the Royal Society. Many of the events will be of interest to members.

Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence – the SETI website

Martin Lewis’s website

A very large site, packed with much astronomical information – very up-to-date.

Spiral Galaxies.com
A site with excellent pictures of spiral galaxies and links to the parent sites.

Sky & Telescope
Widely read US astronomy magazine.

Society for the History of Astronomy
For those interested in the history of our hobby.

Society for Popular Astronomy
The astronomical society for ‘everyone’.

Up-to-date news articles and features

A site devoted to news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.

Supernova SN2006gy
News of supernova SN2006gy

Supernova SN2006gy
More news of the Supernova

Supernova SN2006gy
Images of the Supernova

Watford Weather
A site set to give you the local weather forecast for Watford

The James Webb telescope

JWST YouTube video

The NASA site

Space Telescope Science Institute site

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