2018 Visit to UCLO Mill Hill

4th May 2018

One of our 50th Anniversary outings was a trip to see the facilities at University College London Observatory (UCLO ) at Mill Hill.

UCLO Mill Hill

Around 20 of our members made the trip and were not disappointed.

Our tour was led by none other than the Director of the Observatory, Dr.  Giorgio Savini  and the famous  Dr.Steve Fossey (who discovered Supernova  SN2014J inM82 in January 2014).



Set up for Solar Observation


Observing continued here during the war – the journal notes that they had to stop for a little while whilst the bombs were dropping near them !


Giorgio Savini explaining the importance of this instrument




Steve Fossey demonstrating the telescope and the floor lift mechanism.



The Celestron C14 that was used to observe the Supernova SN2014J.