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SWHAS Monthly Meeting Feb 2022

Royal Masonic School Rickmansworth

Time in Einstein's Universe By Colin Stuart It can be wasted and killed. Spent and saved. Kept and lost.  Time is one of life's most perplexing mysteries.  In the century since Einstein turned our ideas about time upside down, we know more about it than we ever have, but big questions remain.  Can you go […]

SWHAS Monthly Meeting Feb 2021

Online Event

OSIRIS-REx: To Bennu and Back - John Maclean  "As UK Mission Ambassador for NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission to asteroid Bennu, John is in a unique position to tell you the inside story of this incredible mission. In this talk you will be introduced to the mission, including details of the mission plan, the […]

SWHAS Monthly Meeting Jan 2021

Online Event

Astronomical Instrumentation before the Telescope - Mike Leggett There were many astronomical instruments before the introduction of the astronomical telescope.  After a brief historical introduction, Mike will talk about some of these instruments and their uses: • Observational/measuring tools, including Ptolemy's Rules, Jacob's Staff and Quadrant • Astronomical devices used to represent the sky, including […]