2018 Astrium – Airbus Stevenage Visit

16th May 2018

As part of our celebrations to mark our 50th Anniversary we had an exciting visit to Astrium (Airbus) at Stevenage

to view the latest in satellite technology and of course the Mars Rover project better known as ‘ExoMars’.

A group of about 40 members and guests were shown around the complex and treated to a unique experience of seeing cutting edge space technologies in action – right here in the UK !


The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Mars Yard, a test facility that mimics the Martian surface down to lighting levels and colour temperature. This is where the rover test bed gets it’s daily workout.


The Mars Rover Yard


ExoMars Rover close up


We then moved on to see the satellite assembly facilities where we were able to see satellites being constructed from the ground up.


One of the many satellite assembly rooms at Stevenage

We learned about how thermodynamics are an import factor in the design of these spacecraft and how important the correct choice of materials is in building the platform.


Choice of materials crucial for thermal stability





Airbus not only build the satellite systems, but are also a world leader in the manufacture of the purest crystals for use in the electronic systems on board the spacecraft.


Airbus Stevenage is the world centre for manufacture of the purest artificial crystals